Recall Angie Taylor, WCSD Board President

By Bev Stenehjem

School board dramas have been playing out all across the country and our own Washoe County School District (WCSD) has a starring role.

This past year saw the resignations of three board Trustees and the district superintendent. Angie Taylor, the board president tried to silence the only conservative on the board via public censure – it failed. Two lawsuits were filed against the district – both about Open Meeting Law Violations. Over 17 Open Meeting Law complaints pending with the Nevada Attorney General.

And, most recently, a recall petition was initiated to finally oust the board president, Angie Taylor. Taylor has been on the failing and dysfunctional Board since 2014, eight years too long.

At the heart of all the trouble is the fact that the WCSD ranks at the bottom of the barrel in academics.

Nevada 50th (dead last) in ACT scores across the nation
Nevada 49th worst per EdWeek (Sorry New Mexico)
Nevada 48th worst in nation per WorldPopReview
WCSD: Low Profiency ratings in math, science and English
WCSD: 12th worst out of 17 in County grad rates
WCSD ACT scores below state average: In 2014 when Taylor joined the board we were above the national average, now we are last!
And many more dismal WCSD stats

And yet, the school board continues to look the other way. They refuse to place Quality of Education on their agendas, despite the constant requests to do so. They just postponed it until after the election, afraid perhaps of making tough decisions

Instead – Taylor prefers to keep a sharp focus on Social Justice (Critical Race Theory) and Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) – instead of educating them in the 3Rs. One U.S. History teacher declared, “I will not be teaching history to you this year – instead, I will be teaching Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ topics.” Unbelievably, she is still employed!

It is no wonder that only 13% of our students are college-ready – with most having to take remedial classes in college.

And although our school district can no longer provide consistent bus services to students, they are hiring another full-time Equity & Diversity teacher with federal bail out funds.

Our kids deserve better!

As board president and Trustee, Taylor has the duty and responsibility to heed the calls to focus on Quality of Education, our only option is to recall president Taylor and replace her with someone who will make the improvements we need.