Bev Stenehjem for Washoe County School Board Trustee, District E

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Bev Stenehjem, a candidate for school board trustee in District E covering Northwest Reno, embodies the spirit of dedicated public service and a commitment to excellence in education. As a valedictorian and a graduate from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. in organizational development, Bev’s academic journey underscores her belief in the transformative power of education. With a twenty-year career in human resources and past experience on several boards, Bev would be a strong contributor to the current school board team.

A Vision for District E’s Future

Prioritizing Education, Safety, and Engagement

As a candidate for Washoe County School Board Trustee, District E, my mission is clear: to ensure our schools are places where every child can succeed, every teacher feels valued, and every community member takes pride. Together, we can create an educational environment that nurtures potential, and paves the way for a brighter future for all our students. Let’s embark on this journey together, for our children, our community, and our future.
Bev’s campaign focuses on improving education quality, enhancing school safety, and fostering community engagement. Her background as a lifelong learner and HR professional, combined with her deep involvement in community service, positions her as an ideal candidate to address the challenges facing our schools.
Bev’s commitment to her community is evident through her volunteer work and leadership roles, including her time on the boards of the Morgan Hill and Gilroy Chambers of Commerce and her contribution as a wine columnist. Now residing in Reno with her husband Mark, Bev is an active participant in the local community, supporting initiatives for the homeless, foster children, and Veterans.

Bev Stenehjem

Professional Excellence Rooted in Collaboration

With nearly three decades of experience in Human Resources management across diverse industries in Silicon Valley, Bev has developed a profound understanding of teamwork, collaboration, and the importance of fostering inclusive environments.

Her expertise in talent acquisition, compensation, benefits, training, union negotiations, and particularly in Employee Relations, equips her with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of educational governance.

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The Blueprint for a Better WCSD

Driving Excellence, Transparency, and Community Unity in Washoe County Education

Community Involvement in Decision-Making

Bev Stenehjem prioritizes the integration of community feedback into school decisions through enhanced involvement strategies to ensure diverse voices within the school district are recognized and valued.

Openness and Accountability at Every Level

Committed to transparency and accountability, Bev pledges to create open communication lines between Washoe County schools and the community, fostering trust and clarity in educational policies and funding.

Elevating Washoe County's Educational Standards

Aiming to surpass current educational benchmarks, Bev focuses on advancing curriculums and promoting STEM and creative thinking to prepare students in District E for future challenges.

Enhancing Washoe County's School Safety

Bev is dedicated to ensuring student safety through the implementation of comprehensive security measures, mental health support, and anti-bullying initiatives to foster a secure learning environment.

Fostering Teacher Support and Development

Recognizing educators as the foundation of the educational system, Bev supports initiatives for teacher development and competitive compensation to inspire and retain top teaching talent.

Strengthening Ties with The Community

Bev envisions a strengthened relationship between Washoe County schools and the local community, facilitated by partnerships and programs that unite educators, students, and residents towards communal prosperity.


Education’s Champion for Children

About Bev

Married for forty years, Bev and Mark have raised three daughters, including one who has been a teacher for over 25 years, showcasing the family’s dedication to education. Bev’s role as a published author and her involvement in organizing the Reno Police Parade in 2020 further demonstrate her passion for community service and engagement.


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